EHPRG: The European High Pressure Research Group

New Statutes

November 2015Contributed by S. Klotz

Following the Proposal below, which was voted and approved by the EHPRG General Assembly held in Madrid, during the Joint AIRAPT-EHPRG International Conference in July 2015, the European High Pressure Research Group (EHPRG) is now a non-profitable association, registered in France.



A proposal for new Statutes

July 2015Contributed by S. Klotz

updated: August 2015Contributed by S. Klotz


Dear Colleagues and Members of the EHPRG Committee,

We wanted to inform you about some changes in the legal status of the EHPRG we suggest to implement in the near future. We intend to submit our proposal to the EHPRG General Assembly in Madrid to be voted on. Here are the details:

As you probably know, EHPRG has its bank account in the U.K., for historical reasons. Since the introduction of the Euro it has become more and more difficult (and expensive) to hold a Euro-account in the UK, and for this reason it has been decided to move the account to a country belonging to the Euro-group. This turns out to be not so straight forward: In France and Germany (the two countries we considered) you can no longer open a bank account on the name of an association if it is not properly registered. No doubt the banks have become more and more suspicious about money laundering and other illegal actions. On the other hand, if we register, the opening of a bank account a matter of a few minutes. After we realised this we have consulted AIRAPT, the Japanese high pressure society, as well as the European Physical Society (EPS) to see how they handle this. AIRAPT is registered as a small non-profitable business, the Japanese high pressure society is registered as well, and the EPS is registered in France as an association. There is no legal status of a European association. We then investigated registration as an association in Germany ("Verein") and France ("association de loi 1901", same as EPS). It turns out that the French laws do not require the president or the secretary to live in France, maybe even not the treasurer. But it is clear that they want to have a contact person who represents EHPRG with a French address. The German laws seem to be different: all officers (Vorstand) need to have an address in Germany.

To sum up, there is the possibility to register EHPRG in France as an association which will allow us to have a bank account in France. Being a proper association needs following some rules which we follow since many years anyway: you need a president, a secretary and a treasurer; the purpose, membership, and voting needs to be defined, as well as the frequency of General Assemblies.

We have therefore written up a text which could be our future " Statutes ", see attached. We consulted David Lee from the EPS for this purpose. The general idea is to put into the text only items which are absolutely required by law or items which we find absolutely necessary and don't want to change. Changing statutes needs the approval of the General Assembly and we do not want to go through this too often. For this reason we refer at various places to the " Governing rules ", see the text we propose.

Looking forward to seeing you in Madrid.

Stefan Klotz, Konstantin Kamenev, Info Loa