EHPRG: The European High Pressure Research Group


November 2015Contributed by S. Klotz

Following an approval by the EHPRG General Assembly held in Madrid, during the Joint AIRAPT-EHPRG International Conference in July 2015, the European High Pressure Research Group (EHPRG) is a non-profitable association, registered in France.



A proposal for revised Statutes

19 July 2019Contributed by S. Klotz


Dear Colleagues and Members of the EHPRG Committee,

Following the discussions during the 2018 EHPRG meeting in Aveiro we have decided to implement a few revisions in our current Statures and Governing Rules. Below you will find a proposal which is based on various exchanges I had with the EHPRG committee and senior members of EHPRG over the past 8 months. The major changes are marked in red.

These concern mainly:

  • A new definition of membership which reflects more realistically the size of our community
  • Clarifications on the duration of mandates for the Chair, the Secretary, and the Treasurer
  • Clarifications on voting rights.

Please have a look at this proposal and feel free to make suggestions. We will vote on the final version during the General Assembly in Prague on Wednesday September 4, 2019.

Looking forward to seeing you in Prague.

Stefan Klotz, Julia Contreras, Info Loa