OLD Constitution and rules of the EHPRG

valid until 2015

September, 1984

Updated November, 2015


The following (informal) Statutes have been superseded by new Statutes and Governing Rules in 2015, when the EHPRG became a non-profitable association, registered in France.

  1. Name: The Association shall be called ``The European High Pressure Research Group''.
  2. Management: The Association, its property and affairs shall be under the management and control of an elected Committee.
  3. Objects: The objects of the Association shall be:
    1. The advancement of research at high pressures;
    2. The holding of meetings of interested scientists and engineers to that end.
  4. Membership: Candidates for membership shall be persons working in the field of high pressure research, or declaring themselves to be interested in it. Applicants must be approved by the Committee.
  5. Subscription:
    1. Each member shall pay an annual subscription fixed by the Association at the Annual Assembly.
    2. The Committee shall have the power to annul the membership of any members more than two years in arrears with their subscription.
  6. Committee:
    1. The Committee shall consist of a Chairman, a Secretary (also functioning as vice-chairman), a Treasurer and not less than three additional members. The members of the Committee shall be elected by the Annual Assembly, each for a period of three years. The President of the International Association for the Advancement of High Pressure Science and Technology (AIRAPT) shall be member of the Committee, ex officio.
    2. The Committee shall have power to co-opt members until the following Annual Assembly.
    3. Three persons shall form a quorum at any meeting of the Committee.
  7. The Treasurer: The treasurer shall have custody of all funds received on behalf of the Association, and such funds shall be paid into the banking account of the Association. All disbursements shall be made by the Treasurer with the authority of the Committee. Accounts shall be presented by the Treasurer at the Annual Assembly.
  8. Alteration of Constitution and Rules: The Constitution and Rules may be altered by a resolution carried by a majority of members present and voting at the Annual Assembly, or at a special meeting to be called by the Chairman on his own inititative, or when required by at least one third of the members.